This page has no connections to U2, the Irish rock band from Dublin.omc

If you are searching for their official page go to: (@U2) also has a lot of information about U2.


or U-2 may also refer to:

  • Lockheed U-2, a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft, see 1960 U-2 incident.
  • Polikarpov U-2, a Soviet biplane
  • German submarine U-2, one of several German submarines
  • U2 (Berlin U-Bahn) line on the Berlin U-Bahn
  • Siemens-Duewag U2, a light rail vehicle
  • U2 spliceosomal RNA, a component of the spliceosome
  • U2 haplogroup, a human mitochondrial DNA lineage.
  • U2 (EP), an EP by Negativland
  • U2 Clothing, a casual-wear brand
  • Rocket U2, UniVerse and UniData database systems
  • Urotensin 2, a cardiovascular peptide
  • EasyJet's IATA airline code
  • U2, a dry-cell battery type now known as D battery
  • U 2, a television channel in Karnataka, India

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